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released October 16, 2013

Recorded Summer 2013 by Ian Hurdle
Mastered by Bill Henderson



all rights reserved


BOXER Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Time Spent
you said you'd be gone
but i woke up to a cold sweat to your silhouette backlit
another morning you're warning me
this will cease to be

just give me one more reason
i couldn't ask you to stay
just give me one more day

hollow threats never felt so empty
once dense now drained of sincerity
held your hand like a child sell my soul for a smile
sure thing given up for a promise
you broke once now i'm through being honest
look me in dead the eyes, sooth me with lies

you can't help getting lost in yourself
i couldn't act less conceited

the weight bringing me down
cherish the last sound

this was never right
just an attempt at a compromise
not a hint of truth inside
let's pretend we tried
Track Name: Darker Still
cant stand the strain no more
the way it rains the way it pours
ill just stay asleep i'm breaking down
if you ever loved me take me out
no light no sky
close the windows draw the blinds
just leave me here to rot away alone

i never fell so deep before
between you and me
i'm a little scared to face what i've become

i remember when we were young
i sold you out you bit your tongue
please don't remind me how far we've fallen
no light no sky
close the windows draw the blinds
growing colder darker still
i've just got time and cells to kill

just run away
put your past behind you
let me disintegrate alone