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released February 19, 2012

Recorded and Mixed by Ian Hurdle
Mastered by Bill Henderson
Art by Phillip Harper, Parker Black, Ian Hurdle



all rights reserved


BOXER Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Anagram
been watching tiny shadows
and its not tearing me apart
like you use to
some might call it growing up
or growing numb
i'd break this cycle for anyone

the cool air and autumn leaves
all this time it was growing inside of me
it was clawing its way out
been digging this grave for twenty years now

feels like im running out of breath
feels like ive felt this all before
this life this world has given up so why cant i
please tell me something good

ive never felt so lost
ive never felt so uncivilized
i am a failure in my own eyes
Track Name: Homesick
all those nights spent throwing rocks at trains
hope to never see this skyline again
these stagnant waters have overflown
flood the streets we once called home

ive tried to hard to let things settle
but it all seems out of reach
and im nowhere close to home
im nowhere close to where i thought i'd be

watching my life float safely out of sight
how'd we let this get so bad

if home is where the heart is
we're heartless

and im tired of looking back
if only i could see
the world through these eyes
with what i know now
Track Name: 20/20
this is the end of something new
feels as if i never really grew
another year drawing to a close
helpless memories, ceasing to unfold
you said it's never easy
a blind beggar shielded by his hearing
never not roaming this constant path
the last road from hell is never traveled fast

we never foresaw any of this
another step back from the mark we missed

this is the end of something great
i'm sorry mom but i could not relate
this is the end of something great
i'm sorry mom but i can't wait

bet you'll miss me when i'm gone
bet you'll hate me when i'm gone
bet you'll love me when i'm gone
Track Name: Lost Cause
that april night when true colors show
there's a sparkle of light left to be grown
in those crystal eyes i saw a glimpse of hope
safe from the sanity down a slippery slope

charming lies of humanity
soaking in the vanity

there's not good in everyone
there's no good in you
Track Name: Medicine Cabinet
where i lie all i see is grey
i need to try to bring the colors back to life
is it there, do i care
theres nothing left for me to share
in this world illusions are cold
i use this crutch to keep me whole

as the days go by are my feelings a lie
refusing to live like this
is this body mine